The Kuma Shochu ~The origin of authentic shochu~

Nurtured in the legendary Kuma area for 500 years

Over time, the taste and aroma were refined by the people.

It was brought to Hitoyoshi from the Asian continent during the Warring States period (around the 16th century.) Since then it has boasted a time-honored tradition and its taste and aroma are continuously being refined by the persistent efforts of master distillers.


Deep in the mountains of Kyushu Blessed with clear water and bountiful harvests

Subtle and profound mountains, The Kuma River, one of the three most rapid streams in Japan Blessings of the earth are nurtured in the harsh climate These are the factors which create the gentleness, beauty and vitality of Kuma shochu


Inherited and protected tradition.

Continuously-honed technique.

The traditional distillation method of Kuma shochu originated on a distant continent and has been inherited, unbroken. The distiller called “Toji” has a key role in forming its particular flavor. The technique and its refined taste are constantly improved to make better shochu.