The Kuma Shochu ~The origin of authentic shochu~

Twenty-eight distinct distillers

Particular tastes created by the skill of distillers

A variety of taste from light to heavy. It is guaranteed by the skill and particularity of distillers. You will enjoy the characteristic of each taste to your heart‟s content and discover your favorite.

The kinds of Kuma shochu


Reduced-pressure distillation

Low temperature distillation method is done under reduced inside pressure. The aroma and distinctive flavors of moromi are educed directly. Thus this kind of shochu has a mild and light taste.

Normal-pressure distillation

Traditional distillation method. By adding heat, various components create a specific aroma and a rich and full taste. Storage techniques bring out shochu‟s rich flavor.

Barrel-matured shochu

Storage in barrels lends a special aroma and taste to unprocessed shochu. Different distillation methods and barrel types create different aromas and tastes.

☆ Classification in details

As for koji, white, black and yellow ones are used respectively. Some use sake yeast or some use special yeasts Earthenware pots are used for storage Stored for a long time (aged liquor is stored for more than three years)


Various kinds of Kuma Shochu are now on the market