Surprisingly, more than 200 uniquely individual flavours of Kuma Shochu are diligently produced by the 27 distilleries in the Kuma river valley, all different iterations based upon the general types of shochu production, such as atmospheric distillation, vacuum distillation, cask maturing, etc. We hope you can enjoy its many flavours while adapting them to limitless tastes.


The best way to enjoy shochu as it is, without blending it with cold or hot water.
Slowly savour the flavor with a small amount of shochu in your mouth.

On the Rocks

Put ice in a glass and slowly pour the shochu over it. You can enjoy a clear, refreshing sensation.

With Water and Ice (“Mizu-wari”)

Put water (preferably soft water) in a glass and pour in the shochu. Feel free to use any ratio of shochu to water that you like.

With Hot Water (“Oyu-wari”)

The key is to pour the Shochu in after first pouring in the hot water. This helps make a truly enjoyable fragrance.

Hot Shochu (“Kan” shochu)

Savour the rising aroma and mellow smoothness.
Pour straight shochu or shochu and water into a glass, and warm it inside a vessel full of hot water (“Atsukan‟) or over direct heat (“Jikikan‟). The composition of shochu stays intact, and you can enjoy its sweetness and smooth taste. Be careful not to overheat shochu so that its aroma and flavours do not disappear.

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