Recommendations: Ways to Drink and Matching Cuisine

Flavourful Type

Brilliant and aromatic flavours
There are many refreshing shochus that host distinct fruity and flowery aromas. Their key phrase being ‘Hanayaka na Kaori’, (“Brilliant Aromas”).

[How to Drink]
On the rocks・With soda・With water・As part of a citrus cocktail

[Compatible Cuisine]
Dishes with their own “brilliant aromas”
E.g. Appetizers・Carpaccio・Aromatic herbal dishes・Fish

Light Type

Vacuum Distillation

Shochus with a gentle aroma and light taste
Characterised as having the lightest smell and taste amongst all the shochus. Regardless of how you choose to drink it, it’s key phrase can be described as ‘Sukkiri-kan’, (“Refreshing Feeling”).

[How to Drink]
On the rocks・With soda・With water

[Compatible Cuisine]
Simple dishes making the most of base ingredients
E.g. Bagna cauda made with seasonal vegetables・Pasta, etc.

Rich Type

Atmospheric Distillation

Shochus with a deep aroma and profound taste
The deepest and most profound type of shochu. Made through traditional methods, this shochu’s key phrase is “Richness”

[How to Drink]
On the rocks・Straight・With water・With hot water・Heated (Kan Shochu)

[Compatible Cuisine]
Dishes with strong, distinct flavours
E.g. Spare ribs・Miso-based dishes, etc.

Character Type


Aromatic and rich shochus
Characterised by their extremely profound aroma and taste. These shochus are made through specialised methods and maturing in oak casks. Their key phrase being “Characteristic”.

[How to Drink]
On the rocks・With soda・Straight

[Compatible Cuisine]
With matured and cured ham, spicy dishes and desserts
E.g. Grilled unagi eel・Nuts・Ice cream・Chocolate desserts, etc.

Reference: From the Kuma Shochu Distillation Association mini-pamphlet “Various flavours of Kuma Shochu and compatible dishes” (Presented by Total Beverage Consultant Akiko Tomoda)

監修:公益財団法人 地方経済総合研究所