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From light and refreshing flavours, to deep and profound flavours, Kuma Shochu offers an abundant variety. With so many individual flavours to choose from, we hope that you enjoy the search for a shochu that matches your tastes.

From light and refreshing flavours, to deep and profound flavours, Kuma Shochu offers an abundant variety. With so many individual flavours to choose from, we hope that you enjoy the search for a shochu that matches your tastes.

Mizukami vil.

Matsushita Jozo Co., Ltd.

The oldest Kuma Shochu distillery

Address/2582 Iwano, Mizukami-mura, Kuma-gun, Kumamoto 868-0701 JAPAN
TEL.0966-44-0010 FAX.0966-44-0423

Ohishi Shuzohjyo Co., Ltd.

Blessed with quality rice and water, and the passing down of our traditions, we continue challenging ourselves to produce the best shochu.

Address/1053 Iwano, Mizukami-mura, Kuma-gun, Kumamoto 868-0701 JAPAN
TEL.0966-44-0001 FAX.0966-44-0419

Yunomae town

Toyonaga Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Surrounded by everlasting nature, we have preserved the traditional art of Shochu distillation.

Address/1873 Yunomae-machi, Kuma-gun, Kumamoto 868-0621 JAPAN
TEL.0966-43-2008 FAX.0966-43-4354

Hayashi Shuzo Co., Ltd.

To drink, it tastes like paradise; and afterwards, you are in paradise.
The taste of tradition: a long history continuing since the Edo period.

Address/3092 Shitajo, Yunomae-machi, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto 868-0601, JAPAN
TEL.0966-43-2020 FAX.0966-43-4048

Taragi town

Nasu Shuzo Co., Ltd.

To deliver hand-made spirits we work hard every day. We hope to bring everyone a refined product.

Address/695 Kume, Taragi-machi, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto, JAPAN
TEL.0966-42-2592 FAX.0966-42-2592

Kinoshita Jozosho

A distillery with over 150 years of history.
Traditional handmade flavour.

Address/785 Taragi, Taragi-machi, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto, JAPAN
TEL.0966-42-2013 FAX.0966-42-5457

Fusanotsuyu Co., Ltd.

Inheriting the passion and skills of craftsmen, facing head-on the changes of the times, and further evolving our traditions.

Address/568 Taragi, Taragi-machi, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto, JAPAN
TEL.0966-42-2008 FAX.0966-42-6000

Miyamoto Shuzo & Co., Ltd.

Whole-heartedly producing delicious shochu that can only be achieved through our distinctive handmade techniques

Address/790 Kurohiji, Taragi-machi,Kuma-gun, Kumamoto, JAPAN
TEL.0966-42-2278 FAX.0966-42-2398

Batsugun Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Our goal was to achieve outstanding quality shochu, and what we created was our Batsugun shochu (“outstanding”)

Address/1662 Kurohiji, Taragi-machi, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto Prefecture 868-0502 JAPAN
TEL.0966-42-2172 FAX.0966-42-6766

Tsunematsu Shuzo Honten Inc.

Grown in Kuma.
Crafted in Kuma.
Live in Kuma.

Address/1022 Taragi, Taragi-machi, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto Prefecture 868-0501 JAPAN
TEL.0966-42-2381 FAX.0966-42-6876

Asagiri town

Miyahara Shuzo & Co., Ltd.

Welcome to the perfect blend of history with a full-bodied taste.

Address/581 Fukada-higashi, Asagiri-cho,Kuma-gun, Kumamoto, JAPAN
TEL.0966-45-0178 FAX.0966-45-4849

Takata Shuzo & Co., Ltd.

There are some things that can only be done by small distilleries. We hope to carry our hundred-year history another hundred years into the future.

Address/756 Fukada-higashi, Asagiri-cho,Kuma-gun, Kumamoto, JAPAN

Matsumoto Shuzohjyo

A history we want to share.
A story we want to tell.
A taste we want to deliver.

Address/347-3 Menda-higashi, Asagiri-cho,Kuma-gun, Kumamoto, JAPAN
TEL.0966-45-2106 FAX.0966-45-2845

Matsunoizumi Shuzo & Co., Ltd.

We inherited traditional shochu crafting methods and culture from our predecessors, and we have continued to polish these skills to this day.

Address/169-1 Uekita, Asagiri-cho, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto, JAPAN
TEL.0966-45-1118 FAX.0966-45-2908

Tsutsumi Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Preserving and inheriting our traditions while putting effort into new product development.

Address/390-4 Okaharu-minami, Asagiri-cho,Kuma-gun, Kumamoto, Japan
TEL.0966-45-0264 FAX.0966-45-0382

Nishiki town

Rokuchoshi Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Liquor is part of culture, an eternal art, and Kuma Shochu is a world-class liquor brand.

Address/1013 Nishi, Nishiki-machi, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto, JAPAN
TEL.0966-38-1130 FAX.0966-38-2464

Joraku Shuzo Co., Ltd.

We continue to create the finest quality shochu through the inheritance of the traditional spirit of our craftsmen and our long history

Address/2577-13 Ichibu, Nishiki-machi, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto, JAPAN
TEL.0966-38-4371 FAX.0966-38-4372

Hitoyoshi city

Yamatoichi Shuzomoto & Co., Ltd.

While pondering on the past and future of Kuma Shochu, we focus our passion in order to make history.

Address/2144 Shimobayashi-machi, Hitoyoshi City,Kumamoto, JAPAN
TEL.0966-22-2610 FAX.0966-22-2660

Fukano Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Quality over quantity. Despite being born in Shizuoka, the allure of Kuma Hitoyoshi leads me to work hard as a chief distiller of traditional Kuma Shochu.

Address/333 Gonoharu-machi, Hitoyoshi City,Kumamoto, Japan
TEL.0966-22-2900 FAX.0966-22-2982

Fukuda Shuzo Co., Ltd.

We refine our skills and the taste of our product in a clean environment, producing the most delicious shochu.

Address/137-2 Nishiaida-shimo-machi, Hitoyoshi City,Kumamoto, Japan
TEL.0966-22-2507 FAX.0966-22-2554

Jufuku Shuzo & Co., Ltd.

A distinguished distiller that has earnestly preserved the traditional methods of atmospheric distillation.

Address/28-2 Ta-machi, Hitoyoshi City,Kumamoto, Japan
TEL.0966-22-4005 FAX.0966-22-4037

Sengetsu Shuzo Co.,Ltd.

Enamoured by the moon;
speaking of the moon;
entranced with the moon.

Address/1 Shin-machi, Hitoyoshi City,Kumamoto, Japan
TEL.0966-22-3207 FAX.0966-22-3208

Fuchita Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Inheriting traditions while adapting to new eras, we seek to create a distinctive tasting shochu.

Address/22 Kouya-machi, Hitoyoshi City,Kumamoto, JAPAN
TEL.0966-23-3055 FAX.0966-23-6311

Torikai Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Swaying in the breeze of the forest; hearing the sound of the river; one wonders what sake dreams of.

Address/2 Nanoka-machi, Hitoyoshi City,Kumamoto 868-0034, JAPAN
TEL.0966-22-3303 FAX.0966-24-7947

Kuma vil.

Fuchita Shuzo Honten LLC

Within a red brick distillery, silently and slowly awaiting maturation.

Address/422-1 Isshouchikou, Kuma-mura,Kuma-gun, Kumamoto, JAPAN

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