Mizukami vil.

Matsushita Jozo Co., Ltd.

The oldest Kuma Shochu distillery
Established in 1804, Matsushita Jozo Co., Ltd., is home to some iconic Kuma Shochu brands: Saikogura and Sakura no Sato. Located in Mizukami Village, which is situated near the source of the Kuma River, one of Japan’s three fastest flowing rivers, we have engaged in shochu-making for more than 200 years as the oldest distillery among the Kuma Shochu guilds utilising the local water and climate, which is highly suited for shochu. Our forefather Jihei Yorozuya started shochu-making in 1804 at Iwano Village (now Mizukami Village). Lying in the southwest of the Kyushu mountains, near the source of the Kuma River, the village has 2000 residents and 7000 deer. In order to hand down the passion of previous generations to the next, we produce rice by ourselves from start to finish, and begin preparations during the winter, the season for newly harvested rice. Our philosophy is that making shochu begins in agriculture and it represents culture and tradition. Over 200 years have passed since the first generation of Matsushita. Working with the people, water and rice of Kuma, we have examined every step of the shochu-making process by sight and by hand to practice the tradition and method. According to legend, the ancient documents stored in our warehouse were brought to a bomb shelter and kept safe during the war. We live together with and are grateful towards mother nature, and would like to pass on our legacy and tradition to future generations, all the while conveying our passion for shochu-making from our humble distillery.

2582 Iwano, Mizukami-mura, Kuma-gun, Kumamoto 868-0701 JAPAN
Genuine handcrafted Kuma Shochu.
Sakura no Sato
Smooth with fruity notes.

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