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Mizukami vil.

Ohishi Shuzohjyo Co., Ltd.

Our distillery, Ohishi Shuzohjyo, is based near the source of the Kuma river, the largest river in Kumamoto Prefecture, and its location is the closest to the source of the river amongst the members of the Kuma Shochu guild. Established in 1872, Ohishi Shuzohjyo has focused on producing rice shochu, such as “Ohishi”, the slow amber-aged premium shochu; the local favourite “Oni-Taoshi”, and the recently introduced “Resena”, an elegant and sweet shochu using a new yeast, KF7. Our thoughtful selection of the rice we use means safer, healthier and better quality shochu-making. We are committed to managing our own rice farming to grow several rice brands, including Hinohikari, Mori-no-Kuma-san, Gin-no-Sato, and Yamadanishiki, as well as the carp-farmed organic Gohyakumangoku from our contract farmers. One characteristic feature of ours is long-aged shochu. There are about 1200 casks for aging, all stored in shelves stacked high up to the ceiling, and in each cask we blend slowly aged shochu to create distinctive tastes and flavours. Joatsu shochu, which is distilled at normal atmospheric pressure, is aged in clay vats for a long time, resulting in a smooth and rich aging method. We have adhered to the best ingredients, yeasts, and aging methods, as well as introducing new techniques and ideas, all the while preserving our traditional methods.

1053 Iwano, Mizukami-mura, Kuma-gun, Kumamoto 868-0701 JAPAN
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Directly-managed shops
Original goods
Limited Edition Shochu Ohishi
Slow amber-aged rice shochu.
Houka Resena
Elegant, sweet rice shochu

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