Taragi town

Batsugun Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Taragi, in Kuma County, the home to Batsugun Shuzo’s distillery, spreads across a lush pastoral landscape. Our ideal shochu made in this place is the one that our customers choose as a drink that accompanies dinner every evening. Though you may think that this goal is too modest, Batsugun is best suited for the dinner table. At the end of each day when you have dinner with your family, you can enjoy a glass of Batsugun, and rest assured with the feeling that this is exactly what you wanted after all. This is the kind of shochu that we are aiming for. Making shochu begins with making koji (rice-malt). Thorough quality control is required in every step of the shochu-making process in order to balance all of the flavours; umami, sweetness, richness and aroma. Outstanding technique, experience, and persistent effort are necessary for consistent production of quality shochu as the ambient temperature and humidity change from October, the time when we begin the shochu distilling process, through until May, when production is completed. “To consistently provide quality products” is by no means an easy task, but we will always continue to endeavour to achieve this goal in our shochu production.

1662 Kurohiji, Taragi-machi, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto Prefecture 868-0502 JAPAN
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Only made with rice and water A mild-flavored traditional shochu.
Jyukuka Batsugun
Long-aged special blend Sweet flavored premium shochu with an excellent aroma.

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