Taragi town

Takahashi Shuzo Co., Ltd. Taragi Factory

Established in 1900 in the Hitoyoshi Kuma area located in the southernmost
part of Kumamoto, Takahashi Shuzo has been producing Kuma Shochu made from rice for more than a century and has been ranked 7th in Japan in terms of sales (Teikoku Databank, 2015). We present two brands of Kuma Shochu: Hakutake and Shiro, which are authentic rice shochu sold nationwide and in 28 countries around the world. We have actively engaged in technological innovation, such as quickly adopting the vacuum distillation method in the manufacturing process. Now, we are focusing on product development and branding of distilled spirits made from special quality rice, under the belief that authentic rice shochu can be a representative Japanese liquor along with sake (which is also a distilled spirit made from rice). While preserving the traditions inherited from our establishment 117 years ago, we are publicising our stance on using quality rice (which is a symbol of Japanese culture) as an ingredient of cultural significance, and publicising shochu as something to drink with a meal, through high quality advertisements. We continue to challenge the balance of tradition and innovation by protecting the 500-year-old Kuma Shochu brand, which has obtained a Geographical Indication (GI) by the World Trade Organisation.

813 Okuno, Taragi-machi, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto, JAPAN
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Directly-managed shops
Original goods
Kin Shiro(Kinjo Shiro)
An exquisite blend ratio with cask-aged spirits. A rich and deep taste that keeps the quality of Shiro.
Gin Shiro(Ginrei Shiro)
An elegant ginjo-aroma distinctive to rice. Fruity and mellow.

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