Taragi town

Miyamoto Shuzo & Co., Ltd.

Miyamoto Shuzo was established more than 300 years ago. Inside our distillery, from which steam rises out of and into the air, the Touji (chief distillers) quietly work to steam the rice rice using traditional wooden casks. It is a
distillery founded on hand-making methods - employing the Touji’s senses, wooden casks, and koji (rice-malt) made in stone chambers, rather than relying on thermometers. Kuma Shochu “Kyudaime” was first sold in 1994. It is a mellow and balanced masterpiece with the sweet flavour of rice, its primary ingredient. It is matured in clay vats for five years without depending on massive enamel storage tanks. This makes the shochu similar to sake. Please try it straight at least once. In addition, we present a variety of original Kuma Shochu brands: “Kyudaime Miyamoto”, matured in oak casks; “Kyudaime Joatsu”, with a distinctive aroma
and elegant rich taste; “Kyudaime Kame Chozo”, a limited edition sold every July that is aged slowly in clay vats; “Man’yagen”, which is rich and unfiltered; and others as well. Furthermore, in April 2008, “Kyudaime Yamada-Nishiki” was released as No.6 of the Kyudaime series, with an alcohol percentage of 28%, using 100% Yamada-Nishiki (the king of sake-rice) grown in our distillery's research field using natural water from the Kuma River. It is thoroughly enjoyed by many people.

790 Kurohiji, Taragi-machi,Kuma-gun, Kumamoto, JAPAN
A rich and distinctive masterpiece.
Kyudaime Atmospheric Distillation
Rich aroma and elegant taste

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