Taragi town

Nasu Shuzo Co., Ltd.

We are based in Okukuma; a location with granary plains spreading to the south side of the upper Kuma River. Nearby you can find many stone storehouses distinctive to this region, standing like a symbol for the richness of the land. Nasu Shuzo was founded here in 1917. Continuing to preserve the traditional manufacturing methods that have been inherited from Nasu Toraji four generations ago, we are a family-owned small distillery with a very limited quantity of production, but our small size is what enables us to produce hand-made shochu. We interact with the shochu while using our senses of touch, smell, and perception to gauge its progress, utilising old-fashioned distillery tools, while avoiding the use of machinery. Our signature brand, Kuma no Izumi, has been in production for more than a century since our foundation. It is made from local high-quality rice and clear water, using the futa-koji method to produce smooth koji (malted rice), and clay vat maturation to generate depth and richness. Slowly aging it in vats, we continue to refine the taste of the authentic Kuma Shochu, which is rich in both sweetness and smoothness. Kuma no Izumi is very impressive with its bright red label that is certified as the “Red Brand of Kumamoto”, which is an official branding colour of Kumamoto Prefecture. Enjoy a flavour of shochu that puts a smile on your face, whether it is chilled, mixed with hot water, or heated.

695 Kume, Taragi-machi, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto, JAPAN
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Kuma no Izumi
The aroma of rice woven with a mellow flavor.
Undiluted Shochu
Original shochu with no water added. For those with a refined palette.

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