Taragi town

Kinoshita Jozosho

Located in Taragi Town, about 20 kilometers east of Hitoyoshi City in the Hitoyoshi basin where the Kuma River flows in the southern part of Kumamoto Prefecture, Kinoshita Jozosho is blessed with a local environment where high quality rice can be harvested. There is a folk song called “Rokuchoshi” in the Kuma area of Kumamoto Prefecture. It goes, “The village chief is in town looking up at the castle, he’s old man Bunzo.” As it happens, the same Bunzo is the founder of Kinoshita Jozosho, and now “Bunzo” is used as our brand name. We are a distillery that retains the appearance of an Edo period tea house. We continue to make rice shochu with old-fashioned manufacturing methods, such as making yeast by hand, maturing in clay vats, and using atmospheric distillation, while carefully preserving the wisdom and experience of our predecessors. As such, it is difficult to produce large quantities, but we aim to make shochu with an elegant aroma, depth, and rich taste. In addition to enamel and stainless steel tanks, we utilise tiled underground tanks and clay vats for the maturation process. We are set on delivering long-term matured shochu with a distinctive aroma and a deep taste. It is nothing new or rare, but we are keen on making something nostalgic for those who drink shochu regularly.

785 Taragi, Taragi-machi, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto, JAPAN
Rich and full-bodied taste.
Slow-aged mellow shochu.

監修:公益財団法人 地方経済総合研究所