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Asagiri town

Takata Shuzo & Co., Ltd.

We have been committed to making shochu for over 100 years and have never stopped challenging ourselves, all the while preserving the traditions and precise techniques of the Kuma Shochu distillation methods. ""Making it as natural as possible"" - This forms the foundation of our shochu-making ethos. For our rice, which serves as the main raw material in shochu, we mainly use Hitoyoshi Kuma’s locally grown Hinohikari rice, farmed using reduced pesticide methods such as duck and rice farming, as well as Yamada-Nishiki rice, which we also grow ourselves. In addition to high-quality groundwater, we also use crystal clear water that springs up from rocks which are located nearly 1000 meters above sea level. All of our shochu is handmade using the traditional koji (“malted rice”) rooms of the stone storehouse and clay vats which have been used for storage since our establishment, and due to this, we are able to maintain the limited production that we specialize in. Along with the wind in the storehouse which blows from the mountains, the clay vats are made from the stable local soil, and the surrounding natural locale, which allowed us to cultivate a distinctive shochu which can only be produced here. In addition, we have preserved our old traditions while taking on new challenges - such as utilising “flower yeast” - and have been able to produce highly distinctive shochu. “We hope to carry our hundred-year history another hundred years into the future” and are committed to the diligent production of shochu that can be enjoyed by everyone, while striving to further produce products with quality over quantity in mind.

756 Fukada-higashi, Asagiri-cho,Kuma-gun, Kumamoto, JAPAN
Asagiri no Hana
Kuma Shochu made from Nadeshiko yeast.
Kuma Shochu matured for a long period in 5 varieties of oak cask.

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