Asagiri town

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Hitoyoshi Kuma is located in the south of Kumamoto Prefecture. The shochu made in this area is known as “Kuma Shochu”. The Hitoyoshi Kuma basin is blessed with water of very good quality. The Kuma River of Kumamoto, which is one of Japan's three major rivers, flows through there. The Kyushu mountains have an altitude exceeding 1,700 meters, and the rivers that run off their steep slopes turn into relaxing streams as they reach the basin. It is a perfect environment for cultivating high quality rice. Kuma Shochu is made from 100% domestically grown rice from this area. We use koji rice made with old-fashioned stone rooms and abundant clear groundwater from the Kuma River. We then distill the unrefined mash made at low temperatures via vacuum distillation. The distilled spirits are then matured for a long time in clay vats. We produce them one by one with great care, time and effort. Although the brand names Jyunen no Utatane
(“ten-year sleep”) and Kuma Sen'nin (“Kuma hermit”) sound mysterious, they are each Kuma Shochus that have great taste, rich aroma, and a fine flavor.

581 Fukada-higashi, Asagiri-cho,Kuma-gun, Kumamoto, JAPAN
Kuma Sen'nin
Refreshing taste.
Juunen no Utatane
Best enjoyed hot.

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