Asagiri town

Matsumoto Shuzohjyo

On winter nights, we hurry to the distillery to begin fermentation of the koji (malted rice) yeast in the middle of the frosty, cold weather. We stop to gaze at the shining stars that fill the night sky. During the days when we are busy with preparation, the clear starry winter sky soothes us. Each year, we feel grateful to be able to produce shochu once again under the same starry sky our forefathers did over a century ago. In 1908, our distillery was established in Asagiri Town, which is located at the center of the Kuma area. Despite being located in the southern part of Japan, known for its disparate temperatures throughout the year, this region has good rice, good water, and the perfect climate, all of which are essential
For the shochu distillation process. We have continued pursuing our distinctive taste and aroma through our own self-culturing yeast in a distillery which retains its classic architecture and koji-muro (“koji-making rooms''). We work on crafting shochu every day, aiming for a product that has a good aroma and a flavor that is delicious but at the same time not too heavy, which can be enjoyed for generations alongside the changing times.

347-3 Menda-higashi, Asagiri-cho,Kuma-gun, Kumamoto, JAPAN
Flowery aroma and rich taste.
Uraden Banryoku
A masterpiece which uses secret methods to further employ the power of koji malt.

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