Asagiri town

Tsutsumi Shuzo Co., Ltd.

With a tradition of more than 500 years, Kuma Shochu has received Geographical Indication (GI) under WTO rules to become one of the world's finest liquors. The Kuma River has been identified as one of “Japan’s most beautiful rivers” from the Environment Ministry of Japan. For many years, we have developed shochu that
could only be made in this area, thanks to being surrounded by a great natural environment that satisfies all of the conditions essential to making delicious shochu: the fresh water of the Kuma River, the clear air, and also the quality rice grown in the harsh climate where temperature changes are dramatic. We at Tsutsumi Shuzo have developed a method of shochu storage and maturation in casks, clay vats, and bottles, and our method has come to involve many different aspects. In order to create our deep and complexly subtle flavours, we are consistently researching and developing new products in collaboration with a university laboratory, with the goal of producing a world class shochu.
Beginning with handmade shochu that requires time and experience, all the while preserving the taste and the manufacturing methods of the traditional Kuma Shochu, we have been conducting research on next-generation shochu, liquor, and health drinks by adopting new approaches and sensibilities.

390-4 Okaharu-minami, Asagiri-cho,Kuma-gun, Kumamoto, Japan
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Okukuma Sakura
Elegant aroma and deep flavor.
Ginkuma Tsutsumi
Authentic rice shochu similar to ginjo sake (premium Japanese sake).

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