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Matsunoizumi Shuzo & Co., Ltd.

In the depths of the Kyushu mountains, the Kuma basin has been blessed with great mountains and the Kuma River, which is one of Japan's three major rivers. In the south of the Kuma basin, crystal clear water springs are filtered over time through the granite of Mt.Shiraga. Widely known as gekkousui, this water is thought to have healing benefits and it springs up at the Tanimizu Yakushi temple, located at the foot of Mt.Shiraga. This very same water flows beneath our distillery, and is used to make Matsu no Izumi shochu. This area has long been called Hori no Sumi (literally, “moat’s nook”), since there were many wells with good quality water. Our founder Matsuoka Fumisuke fell in love with its good water and began producing Shochu here. The shochu produced by Fumisuke was called "the Shochu of Matsuoka", and became popular. As time passed, the brand became "Matsu no Izumi," named after a combination of his surname "Matsu", and the Japanese word "Izumi" which means spring. It is now a familiar dinner shochu among locals, who truly know how delicious Kuma Shochu, a shochu with over 500 years of history, is. Matsu no Izumi Shuzo has inherited the shochu culture cultivated by our predecessors and has preserved the traditional methods combining "rice, water, people, distillery" since our foundation. We are eager to diligently craft more delicious shochu while still respecting tradition.

169-1 Uekita, Asagiri-cho, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto, JAPAN
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Matsu no Izumi
Authentic shochu made from high-quality rice grown with care and high-quality groundwater.
Suikyou Mushi
Filtered with high-grade charcoal and processed with excellent natural water that is the most suitable for shochu-making

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