Hitoyoshi city

Yamatoichi Shuzomoto & Co., Ltd.

Yamatoichi Shuzomoto was established two generations ago in 1952 when a distillery which had continued from the Meiji era was inherited. Inheriting the distinctive shochu production methods of the previous distiller, we have analyzed Kuma Shochu from a historical point of view in order to pursue an original taste and method, while still preserving the traditions of Kuma Shochu. We have taken on the challenges of cultivating koji (rice-malt) in stone koji rooms, bowl fermentation of brown rice, and distillation using traditional kabuto-gama (helmet pots). In addition, we have worked on reproducing the oldest Kuma Shochu. The water prepared for distillation of our “Onsen Shochu Yume” is from a bicarbonate-chloride hot spring within the distillery with alkalinity that is good for the body. Moreover, it tastes smooth and sweet. “Onsen Shochu Yume” is, therefore, a mellow and healthy shochu that is processed with hot spring water from preparation to dilution. “Milk Shochu Makiba no Yume” is the only shochu made by fermenting local fresh milk and rice. It has been attracting fans with its apple-like fruity aroma and sweet taste. “Meiji-Hatouka” tastes like the original Kuma Shochu, reproduced using classic production methods prevalent from the Muromachi to the Meiji period, and was made by referencing Meiji period literature. “Ougin Yamatoichi” is a handmade shochu that strictly uses large volumes of yellow koji, a rice-malt which has been in use for about 450 years in the Kuma area.

2144 Shimobayashi-machi, Hitoyoshi City,Kumamoto, JAPAN
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Onsen Shochu Yume (Atmospheric Distillation)
Weak alkaline shochu made with onsen (hot spring) water.
A reproduction of a classic Kuma Shochu from before the Meiji Era.

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