Hitoyoshi city

Jufuku Shuzo & Co., Ltd.

Since our establishment in 1890, we have earnestly continued preserving
atmospheric distillation methods. The mellow taste and rich flavor of distilled
spirits are achieved through the maturing process. Shochu made with atmospheric distillation in particular gets its deep taste through said maturing process. For that reason, quality shochu must be properly matured. The taste of shochu made this way becomes richer and more mature as time goes by. Additionally, the only ingredient is 100% locally grown new rice. We produce shochu as if we were raising children, giving loving care to each grain of rice. Since all of the processes are done by hand, mass production is impossible. However, every single bottle that leaves our distillery is made with love. It is a great encouragement for us to hear our customers tell us that our product is delicious. We hope you will enjoy its sharp taste, along with the gentle sweetness distinctive to rice shochu and the rich depth particular to atmospheric distillation. We even feel that our bottles of shochu are waiting patiently for their time to be enjoyed. We hope you thoroughly enjoy the exquisite and authentic Kuma Shochu, Musha-Gaeshi. That is our belief as touji master distillers.

28-2 Ta-machi, Hitoyoshi City,Kumamoto, Japan
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A masterpiece with a deep taste and gentle sweetness that is distinctive to atmospheric distillation.

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