Hitoyoshi city

Fukano Shuzo Co., Ltd.

「 Quality over quantity.」
Behind the distillery founded in 1823, there are artificial grooves which are said to have existed for more than 400 years. White “Himebaikamo” algae bloom from July to August, and they flow on the surface of the water all the way to the Sagara clan’s suburban residence seven kilometers away. Upon entering the distillery, you will feel blanketed by the cool air. Everything is handmade in the distillery, right down to the 150-year-old clay vats arranged in rows. One can hear various distillery sounds during the preparation season: The steaming of rice, koji (malted-rice) being transferred from the koji room to clay vats, the sound of the fermentation process which resembles rain, distillation, and bottling. Touji, or ‘master distillers’, distinguish subtle differences in the sounds and go about their work quietly and accurately. They produce a tense aura which gives them an air of reticence. It is ‘people’ and ‘things’ that inherit tradition. Tastes change over the years, forming a fusion with the present day; they are nurtured and connected to the past. It makes us feel that good products are born from stubbornness in any age. Our distillery is open, so you can visit and try out our products. You can even taste our “Kura no Hizoushu”, a shochu that was matured in clay vats for 10 years. We are not only concerned with distillation but also about hospitality for each and every one of our customers.

333 Gonoharu-machi, Hitoyoshi City,Kumamoto, Japan
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Homare no Tsuyu
Authentic shochu made through atmospheric distillation, fermented and matured with old clay vats from the late Edo period.
Sharp and elegant taste with a gentle ginjo aroma. Lacking any distinct quirks thanks to being vacuum distilled, it is a perfect match to Japanese cuisine.

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