Hitoyoshi city

Hakutake Shuzo Research Institute Co., Ltd.

The commitment to quality of Takahashi Shuzo Co. Ltd. led to the establishment of the Hakutake Shuzo Research Institute Co. Ltd. in 1986 as a manufacturing plant for the undiluted shochu of Takahashi Shuzo Co. Ltd., which has produced and distributed two authentic rice shochu, Hakutake and Shiro, in the Hitoyoshi Kuma area in Kumamoto Prefecture since its foundation in 1900. The authentic rice shochu, Hakutake and Shiro, are made in a controlled environment where rice and water are carefully chosen, the cultivation environment is prepared according to the development of the microbes, and finally reliable and well-versed skills are applied to complete the creation process. In order to deliver pure, quality, additive-free products with a natural taste we aim for thorough quality control and strive to continue to make improvements. We have been conducting research and development on a daily basis in order to make products with a flavour that anyone can enjoy. We have also streamlined the production system all the way from manufacturing to shipment, in ways such as setting up a bottling line for the Takahashi Shuzo factory in the adjoining area. In addition, we opened the “Kuma Shochu Museum: Hakutake Densho-gura” in May 2010, aimed at introducing the proud historical and cultural values of Kuma Shochu to the world, along with the charm of authentic rice shochu, Hakutake and Shiro. We will continue encouraging visitors to sightsee in the Hitoyoshi Kuma area in order to experience its charm.

792-7 Inokuchi-machi, Hitoyoshi City,Kumamoto, Japan
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球磨焼酎ミュージアム 白岳伝承蔵

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Goes well with meals. A clear and sharp taste.
The standard of authentic rice shochu. An elegant rice aroma and smooth taste.

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