Taragi town

Tsunematsu Shuzo Honten Inc.

Cranes used to visit the area around our distillery. The area’s name, Tsuruha, translates to “crane’s wing”, and is known as a place where cranes can rest their wings. Established in 1917, Tsunematsu is located in the Tsuruha area, a place surrounded by nature and enriched with history. Fine shochu can only be made with quality ingredients. At Tsunematsu, we utilise the best ingredients from
the Kuma region, meaning that our distillers, known in Japanese as “kurabito”, grow the Hinohikari brand rice in the area of our storehouse and nurture it from all the way from seedlings to shochu. The selection of water is also a most delicate process in shochu-making. Pure, mild groundwater is best suited for shochu, and we only use fresh natural groundwater from the Kuma region. We have also actively adopted the non-filtered bottling method in order to let our customers fully enjoy the special ingredients and preparation methods we use. We believe that machine filtration takes away much of the umami flavour from the shochu, and so in the dead of winter we use manual methods to remove any excess oil and therefore preserve its favour. We hope that you enjoy the umami flavour of our genuine shochu that only our kurabito distillers have tasted until now. Since our foundation in 1917, we continue to research and perfect our shochu making process in pursuit of the most delicious shochu.

1022 Taragi, Taragi-machi, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto Prefecture 868-0501 JAPAN
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A fruity aroma with a hint of sweetness.
Fruity. Best enjoyed on the rocks.

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