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The distillery’s name, Sengetsu, is taken from Sengetsu Castle, an alternative name for Hitoyoshi Castle which was the domain of the Sagara clan. In Japanese, “Sengetsu” is the thinnest form of a crescent moon. Sengetsu Shuzo was founded in 1903 by our founder Mr. Jisuke. It faces Hitoyoshi Castle and the Kuma River. Since its foundation, we have had touji (master distillers) who work exclusively for our distillery, which was a rarity at that time. We have produced new generations of touji from our young distillers one after another, and now the 6th generation touji continues to maintain the original methods passed down to him. Most notably, the 3rd generation touji, Mr. Toyoka Sosogi, received the title of ‘Contemporary Master Craftsman’, the finest honour for those who work in manufacturing. It was the first time someone in the shochu industry had received it. He developed the techniques inherited from our founder, which now form the foundation of Sengetsu Shuzo. Our flagship brand, Sengetsu, is a shochu with a rich aroma and mellow taste reminiscent of a slim crescent moon above Hitoyoshi Castle, and is especially enjoyed in this region. In addition, Sengetsu Shuzo has been producing shochu rooted in the region through the use of locally grown, carefully selected rice. Of particular note is Kawabe, a shochu made with clear water from the Kawabe River (whose waters have been ranked as the best water in Japan for the last ten years) and rice made only from Sagara Village which is along the river basin. It is an internationally evaluated brand which has been awarded the Grand Gold Medal at the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition.

1 Shin-machi, Hitoyoshi City,Kumamoto, Japan
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Shochu made from rice and the clear waters of the Kawabe River.

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