Nishiki town

Joraku Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Joraku Shuzo was founded in 1912. We produce Kuma Shochu, authentic potato shochu, authentic wheat shochu, and liquor made with natural water from the fertile lands carried down by the Kuma River, as well as carefully selected domestic raw materials which mainly come from Kyushu, particularly Kumamoto Prefecture. We stick to traditional luxurious manufacturing methods, rather than mass production, and pass down the skills of our Touji master distillers onto the younger generations of craftsmen. We are eager to produce new products as well as authentic classic shochu which we have produced since our foundation. We aim to produce high quality products which will satisfy our customers and make them understand the passion we have for our craft. We strive to have a high-level distillery and to produce shochu consistently. We do this through thoroughly cultivating koji (malted rice), distillation, filtration, and by burying aging tanks into the ground to control the temperature. We make superb shochu without compromise, leading to the winning of numerous prizes at competitions. Also, since storage is important for the production of authentic shochu, we focus on cask-aged shochu that is stored and matured in oak casks. We have about 800 of these casks in storage, and we allow our undistilled shochu to mature for long periods in these carefully selected oak casks. The skilled blender expertly blends shochu from several varieties of casks, and carefully finishes it by harmonizing the
taste and aroma.

2577-13 Ichibu, Nishiki-machi, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto, JAPAN
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Directly-managed shops
Aki no Tsuyu Junmai
Thanks to the refined sake rice-malt, you can fully enjoy the sweet, rich flavor of the rice.
Aki no Tsuyu Kura no Kodawari
A cask distilled masterpiece shochu matured in oak casks in the Hitoyoshi Kuma basin.

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