Nishiki town

Rokuchoshi Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Rokuchoshi Shuzo is a distillery located in the misty village of Nishiki Town found at the center of the Kuma basin. It inherits a 500 year history as well as traditional
methods of using rich rice and clear groundwater from the Kuma River. Among the Kuma Shochu distilleries, we are known to put a special focus on traditional atmospheric distillation and make efforts to improve our storage techniques. For
example, we installed air conditioning equipment in the storage rooms since it is
important to avoid temperature changes as much as possible throughout the year for cask storage. In addition, we installed a thermal insulation system in the storage room in order to protect it from the summer heat. By strictly controlling temperature and humidity 24 hours a day, we succeeded in making conditions very similar to the Scottish Highlands. And thus, Rokuchoshi shochu was born.
Liquor is culture and art; it is not merely an intoxicating drink. With this in mind, we create fully completed works inside each bottle and label. The label of our flagship product, Tokugin Rokuchoshi, was designed by Mr. Keisuke Serizawa, a pioneer of stencil resist dyeing who was recognized as one of Japan’s “Living National Treasures”. The calligraphy of Mr. Morikazu Kumagai is printed on the label of the old vintage shochu Shingetsu. We are committed to informing as many people as
possible of the wonderful world of cask-matured shochu, and to prove that Kuma Shochu is comparable to the world's premium liquor brands.

1013 Nishi, Nishiki-machi, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto, JAPAN
A masterpiece that recount the origin of Kuma Shochu.
Tokugin Rokuchoshi
Perfect harmony of taste, aroma and richness

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