Yunomae town

Hayashi Shuzo Co., Ltd.

“A cup of shochu. ‘How extraordinary’, people say. A paradise (Gokuraku) of taste, aroma and feeling”. We go through the preparation process when Mt. Ichifusa Quasi-National Park is covered with snow, and new shochu is ready to be bottled when spring comes after the busiest season of shochu-making during the coldest time
of the year. Our shochu distillery was founded in the middle of the Edo period and our 14th generation of Hayashi, who is currently in charge of the distillery, devotes himself to traditional shochu distillation, which has been passed down through the family. Utilizing traditional methods and water that has sprung from our well since we started business, we have combined new techniques to produce full-bodied, deep, savoury shochu with the rich natural flavour of rice. We use top quality rice grown in the Kuma region for Gokuraku, and pure water from the Kuma River in its unique climate, Kuma Shochu has the oldest history and tradition in the country.

Our distillery is located near Shozenin Kannondo Temple (aka. Temple of the Monster Cat), distinguished as an Important Cultural Property by the Japanese government, which was dedicated to Seiyo Fumonji by Lord Nagatsune Sagara in 1581. You can also find Kisshoin Temple (established in 1581), as well as the site of Fumonji Temple, which was transferred in 1604 to the site of Yunomae Castle where the grave of the 26th chief priest lies. It is believed that visitors to these temples had Hayashi’s shochu at the teahouse here. We will continue aiming to establish our brand by combining traditional methods with innovative techniques.

3092 Shitajo, Yunomae-machi, Kuma-gun,Kumamoto 868-0601, JAPAN
Gokuraku, atmospheric distillation, long stored
Enjoy the savory flavor of atmospheric distillation shochu

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