Yunomae town

Toyonaga Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Toyonaga Shuzo was established in Yunomae Town, Kuma County, in 1894 by our forefather Tsurumatsu Toyonaga. Even at that time, we had our own farm and started to sell shochu made with rice grown on the grounds. Deepening our passion for the traditions we have maintained since our foundation, we have aimed at sustainable agriculture and shochu distillation since 1986, and have since produced organic shochu including ‘Toyonagakura’, made from organic Kuma rice. ‘Terroir’ is a common term for winemaking, and it represents the concept of a particular region’s soil, climate and terrain. We have practiced shochu production using ingredients, water and people from Kuma, and are therefore rooted in the terroir of Kuma since our foundation. Our distillers, generally known as ‘Kurabito’, have grown organic ingredients together with local contract farmers to produce local shochu. Our organic shochu uses only local organic ingredients authorized by the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS). Our skilled Kurabito distillers, who have inherited five hundred years of Kuma Shochu tradition, diligently go through every step of the shochu production process to bring about fine, naturally flavoured shochu.

1873 Yunomae-machi, Kuma-gun, Kumamoto 868-0621 JAPAN
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Directly-managed shops
Organic Kuma rice is used. A light flavor with fragrant aroma.
Atmospheric Distillation Toyonagakura
Organic Kuma rice is used. Fragrant and sweet.

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