Hitoyoshi city

Torikai Shuzo Co., Ltd.

We have been running a shochu distillery for over 400 years in Nanoka-machi in Hitoyoshi City. In 1994, we succeeded in the development of Ginka Torikai, our only product currently on sale. Ginka Torikai is the first authentic shochu that succeeded in having a ginjo aroma (ginjo is a type of high-quality sake). After that, it gained popularity mainly in the metropolitan area, and is now sold nationwide. In 2000, to stop environmental destruction through development in the Souzu River basin, we acquired the surrounding forests and built a new distillery there. To help preserve the Souzu River, drainage from the distillery is all gathered and treated in tanks; without a single drop being drained into the river. In addition, we built a new koji (rice-malt) room in 2007. We make koji while gazing at the surrounding trees on the gently-sloping hills. Both the distillery and the koji room are surrounded by pure nature, so we are treated to a wonderful view of the splendor of each season when we enjoy our coffee breaks. While Ginka Torikai has been on sale for over 20 years since its release, we have been gradually changing the production method in order to further improve its quality. Our efforts are supported by a laboratory in Nanoka-machi. In the laboratory, two young female researchers in their twenties make 1000 samples yearly and are trying out new technological innovations. We also have regular staff members who are able to speak Chinese and English in order to handle the increase in transactions with overseas customers in recent years.

2 Nanoka-machi, Hitoyoshi City,Kumamoto 868-0034, JAPAN
Ginka Torikai
Rich fragrant shochu distilled with water from mountain streams.

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