Hitoyoshi city

Fuchita Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Fuchita Shuzo was re-established in 1878 and began making shochu in the hometown of Kuma Shochu, Hitoyoshi City. Located in Kumamoto Prefecture besides the Kuma River, one of Japan’s three major rivers. We have continually used its fresh water to produce our shochu. In the 140 years since the re-establishment of our distillery, we have innovated our manufacturing methods numerous times. The current method was formulated during the 12 years in which Mr. Masami Yoke, a touji (master distiller) who was recognised as a Contemporary
Master Craftsman and received the Yellow Ribbon Medal, was with us. It is an authentic method of shochu production which has been passed down to the present-age. We received the grand prize at the 1st ever Japan Liquor Contest held in 1926. In addition, our shochu was selected from amongst the many brands to be presented to the Emperor upon his visit to Kumamoto in 1931, for which we received a letter of appreciation. Also, while respecting excellent traditional techniques, we are also producing innovative products in response to the changing needs and tastes of the times. Although shochu often presents a harsh and bitter flavour, we distill shochu with a gentle taste by removing the harshness as much as possible in order to better appeal to a large variety of people. We are aiming to produce shochu which is not only handmade, but also reasonably priced, fashionable, smooth and impressive to anyone who tries it. "If you drink it, you will see how delicious it is.” We hope you will love drinking it.

22 Kouya-machi, Hitoyoshi City,Kumamoto, JAPAN
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Gin no Tsuyu
Authentic vintage shochu, aged for 12 years.
A clear, refreshing and fashionable taste

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